"To me," Cartier-Bresson wrote, "photography is the simultaneous recognition, in the fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organisation of forms which give the event its proper expression."

Outside, looking in, is a new collection of images, a shift from landscape imagery into uncharted territory. What began as a simple exercise in recording the space around me, has evolved into an exploration, a longing, and a compulsion to form an understanding of what it is that I have been cataloguing, and collecting.

What is formed here is a dreamscape of forgotten memories, transient nameless figures waiting for something unknown, which may never happen. Decaying and ageing souls floating, trapped within the formal elements of the image unable to move or change their circumstance.

This work aims to acknowledge those extra ordinary lost moments, alignments of formal elements and organisations of tone and form, brought together consciously or not, into a hazy netherworld, a still journey, of shifting and ebbing players.

Outside, Looking In available now at: Outside, Looking In